It’s not you, It’s just me.


Ah huh… So you came here on my blog hoping I would throw you some tips about breaking up or possibly help to guide you through a breakup.

Sorry, nope. Not today.

It’s not you, it’s just me. Basically, the title does display what it implies.

Just to cover your thoughts, Yes, I am single! My remote has its own side of the bed.. That’s if I even were to own a TV, I guess that must mean I am super single. My point being is I wanted to discuss the topic about TRAVELLING while you’re single.

I wanted to share with you 5 things I have learnt about travelling alone & being solo. No, not the drink Solo.

Let’s define SOLO; a thing done by one person unaccompanied. Basically, your single AF dude.


You learn to love your freedom and you learn to become the freedom. When you travel alone, you are detached to go where you want to go! Yes, do follow that cat down the dark alleyway in Hong Kong. Freedom gives you the chance to say “NO” to things you don’t want to do, because let’s face it! You’re awesome and you can do whatever you want to do. If you want to book a trip to India then let’s do it! You are free to express yourself and you will find something so magical… you learn who you were before the world told you who you should be.


You have no idea what you’re capable of until you travel alone. You learn how to find directions and understand foreign maps. You become your own mini tour guide and you start wandering into places you wouldn’t dare go, you’re alone after all so you may as well explore. Your consciousness rises and you become powerful knowing that you CAN do things for yourself. When you’re alone you will go further and faster as you desire to see more and more!


This one is a biggie for me. If you’re someone who always need’s to have people around them or perhaps you don’t even realize this, maybe you naturally draw large fan clubs who admire you. That is completely okay and can I be invited to your party?! However, when you’re truly alone, you begin to love yourself. You have to because when you’re stuck, you start to rely on yourself. You discover what YOU don’t and do like which is great because when you do travel with friends, partners, your dog or family you will be at ease with yourself and can enjoy your time travelling.


I find when I travel alone, I am forcing nature to step aside while I embrace all opportunities. When you travel with someone, you tend to shy away or travel along a path they like to lead. Some of the funniest / interesting stories happened to me when I am alone, maybe I am more intuitive to my surroundings since I am not distracted by the consolation of others. When you’re a solo traveler you do things for yourself even if you end up getting the wrong bus, train, plane or boat. These experiences are what make you grow and give your home life a great story to be told! Hence why I started blogging so that I can tell you my stories.


Oh my goodness isn’t this the truth. Being an Aquarian I am naturally my own born leader. I like to manage things alone and love my Freedom (maybe that is why ‘Freedom’ is number one.) I find it extremely stressful to navigate other people especially when I still don’t understand myself. I struggle picking which food to eat at a restaurant, but in the end, I make a strict and final decision. So how can I help you decide which food to choose from and if I have to take you to 5 more other restaurants I will commence to eat you. Travelling with other people is stressful and can sometimes cause drama, I actually did lose a friend for this selfsame reason. I was the annoying one and she was the tour guide, I totally get this nowadays! When you travel alone, you only stress about yourself, when others are involved, especially if grandma wants to take a thousand pictures of the one background (usually a waterfall), it can be pretty stressful.

Well, there you have it. I write from my own personal experience and I know it will be harder, but the journey is so rewarding! Being a single traveler isn’t a bad thing it just means you throw more time building your empire! You also won’t be judged if you took the wrong turn or you sit at a table alone with your computer looking important. Actually, I once did that and decided to take myself out to breakfast, let’s face it! I totally can and I wanted eggs. This Brazilian waiter decided to give me table number 1 and carried on to tell me “AH, because you are a loner, you can have table number 1 for one person only.” Thank you so kindly for your ever so discreet manner and for also playing Adele afterwards.

I still experienced a great morning that day.

I hope you all can experience travelling alone once! Even if that merely means you book a hotel room in your home town or you camp out in your backyard.

Please share with me your thoughts and funny stories on travelling solo.

xo Sarah.

P.s “It’s not you, It’s just me.



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