Soo what? You only make Tea and shit?

Of course you’re a flight attendant!
Oh, So why not a real job?
How much do you pay for that? (someone actually asked me)
So you only like what, make tea and shit? You’re basically a glorified waitress?
Occasionally I get the odd nice comment such as; Wow! Tell me how you got into that industry!
Well, honestly, I actually woke up one day and thought to myself “hmm, what is a job where I can travel, work & take photos.” So after googling for 3 mins the word FLIGHT ATTENDANT appeared. Ah huh! Of course. So simple, so easy, so me.

However, I wasn’t going to apply for just any airline, I wanted the best of the best. So I googled aviation applications and nothing. Damn that dream went down the drain.

Ah well.

Nonetheless, my Aquarian persistent self reassured me to continue checking. I believe after 4 weeks of checking every day, every per hour, in the end, a job opportunity for a flight attendant appeared! For cairns. Crap!

Oh well, I guess this is a sign and I shall consider it. So I applied and within two days I got an email to fill out an online application and answer an online interview.. Allow me to tell you something.

  • Don’t over think it because you only have a 5 second countdown before it starts filming. Once it has finished it’s gone into interviewing cyberspace and the ‘you staring’ at the screen for a good ol’ ten seconds before seeing it is now being observed.
  • Just be yourself. Tell them truthfully what the online interview is asking and be real and honest, don’t speak like a computer or tell them what you ‘think’ they think they want to hear.
  • Wear something memorable since your number 3,48369 most likely to be considered.

Once I stopped filming, it was time to sit back, relax and frantically google waiting periods on “hearing back after an online interview process.”

For me, I received an email the next day to fly to cairns the day later that next day. Crap.. I have to work.. What excuse could I come up with.. So after booking my $650 return one overnight stay in Cairns, I decided to come up with the grand plan to tell my current employment that I experienced diarrhea. Can I make a small suggestion? Don’t state that. It’s embarrassing and you will do the walk of shame back into the office.
So I flew to Cairns, ate noodles in bed because I was too frightened to leave the hotel room alone and patiently waited until the morning to appear.. Of course I couldn’t sleep.
Bloodshot eyes like I just threw a crazy night out I still manage to sleep for one hour and somehow managed my makeup to look half decent. I dress and head to the interview waiting room where 150 other applicants were. Meeting and speaking to a few others I noted that a great deal of them were locals and maybe two or one person was from the Gold Coast also! Some had been waiting for many years and others like me was spontaneously looking for a noodle binging night in Cairns.

The interview room is too long to explain and maybe I’ll write it in another blog, however, I will recommend a few central points:
* Always be yourself. I told them I could speak Italian.. When asked which words I knew I told them “spaghetti”

* Make yourself stand out but don’t be a show off. You need them to remember you. I just remained weird and quirky while interacting with everyone in my group.

* Honestly, have fun! It’s not like your on the Bachelor and you won’t receive a rose.. Okay, perhaps it’s like that, but without getting the job. Still! I figured if the job won’t have me then I won’t have the job. I still enjoyed my noodles and I got a day off work! #winning

*Stay positive and don’t give up.
I felt I gave up when they told me I didn’t get the job. Oh well, off I go back to the Gold Coast pretending to be unwell the next day at my former employment.
I received an email 5 days afterward. After feeling crappy and yet excited for my next spontaneous career change the email came where they offered me another interview opportunity in Brisbane.
Whaaaaa?? So my Italian spaghetti joke caught attention for my own home base? Go figure!
Once more, I went through the interview process and did not change a thing! (Even told the same famous joke) this time I may have been a little more relaxed and not so bloodshot in the eyes.. I got a phone call the next day for reference checks.
Yay! Omg! What? Should I have spaghetti for dinner to celebrate??
Oh shit. Now I have to tell work that I never had diarrhea and in fact can they grant me a mega boost for my ” cya later I’m out of here” new career change?
After speculating on what other great excuses I could come up with.. I decided to just be honest and bite it in the rear end. I told my manager and surprisingly overthinking does kill the vibe! He was super cool with it, in fact, he knew I was lying because he applies the same sick excuse for days off to. Score! The truth be told and I shall be rewarded.
He submitted the online referral quiz about me and the waiting game started…

Can I add another suggestion?

  1. Live your life as normal and quit checking your emails
  2. Do not obsess over online forums about waiting for the final process and if you got the job or not.
  3. Do not quit your current job without getting it in writing… yeah I did that! Sounds crazy, I know. But I was then energized and like a boss queen that I am, I waltz in after my manager handed the form and told him ” sir! I quit!” Actually, No I wish I was that confident, but I did hand in my resignation by professionally emailing the company.
  4. If you do decide to quit make sure you have an amazing, guilt trip story for them to hire you back.. Only make sure you eat your going away cake first.
  5. Do write the name of your new profession a million times in the steaminess of the shower and let it disappear into the world. You want to visualize it and also waste time in the shower.

After two weeks!! And on the final day of my last day of work (ha-ha) I got the “golden call” I commence work the following Monday.
Was it because I tempted fate and owned that shit by forcing this universe to deliver? I’ll probably never know. But all in all, I can happily say I work for such an amazing airline, which has provided me with so much more self-assurance. Heck! I embarked on writting this blog after years of doubting myself.

I’ll leave it from here, if you have any questions, feel free to email me anytime!


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